Boracay Pub Crawl: Turning Strangers into Friends


When you’re in Boracay, it is highly recommended that you join the Boracay Pub Crawl. It does not matter if you’re alone, a couple or a group of friends as long as you’re ready to gain new friends, drink and party. The ticket costs PhP690 each for female and PhP790 each for male. This includes free entrance to 5 bars and clubs, free shot from the bars and organizers, Boracay Pub Crawl shirt, shot glass, ballerband, and get-to-know games. Make sure you book your tickets in advance. Check out their website here.

The meeting place is at Tibraz Bar at around 8pm. Rules are set. If you’re drinking with your right hand, you need to drink bottoms up whatever is left in the bottle or glass. If you say the word that is set by the organizers, guys should make 10 push ups while girls should make 10 sit ups.


Talking about turning strangers into friends, or least make acquaintances, he remembers Liz and her group of engineer friends. Rhi, Australian, accountant who can drive a tractor. Jeremy, Rhi’s partner, its his birthday that day. Fred, a french guy working for an airline company. He even met a girl outside the Pub Crawl group named Tin who has a travel agency business. There’s a lot more. Just making a point.

Him and his friends.


Sing your heart out!


Some games in front of the beach.


The organizers wont untie you if you can’t discover three common things about you and your new set of friends.


The silent club. Only those with headphones can hear the music. Haha.


Do the moves!


Boracay!!! Pub Crawl!!!!!


*Photo credits to Boracay Pub Crawl


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