Reasons Why You Should Drink with Your Boss

A cold beer to start the conversation

A cold beer to start the conversation

It may be terrifying or exciting as it sounds but there are positive things about having a beer or so with your boss. And here are the reasons why you should drink with your boss.

1. You will have the chance to understand why he act that way at work. You may be wondering why is he always mad or always shouting at someone. Or why is he so good and understanding. Conversation over a beer may give you a hint for such things. He might be having problems with his business or family. Or he is insomniac. Things like that. Sometimes it might get too personal but it only means that he is getting comfortable with you.

2. You will get comfortable working with him. Knowing some of his personal stuffs, there will always be that thing at the back of your mind that he is that kind of person. It is just work that why he gets so serious.

3. You will get the chance to talk about other things than work during your free time. If you discover things you have in common, it will go a long way. For example, if both of you play and watch tennis and your boss has a membership on a tennis club, he might bring you there on a weekend. Call it bragging rights!

4. You will get to share your personal stuffs in return. This will give the chance for your boss to understand why you work like that and that you might need some help. But be mindful about the things you share. Just like alcoholic drinks, share moderately.

You might be thinking that all of these things can happen over lunch or normal break time conversation. But getting away from the workplace and getting a little tipsy result to better and truthful conversation. Just control how much you drink unless you are both drunkards. Then you found your match.


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