Tips on What to Look for in a Company

Whether you are a newly graduate or looking for a new job, it is essential that you perform a thorough background check of the company or companies you are applying for. But before that, you need to perform a self-assessment. What are you looking for in a company? What are your short-term and long-term goals? After this, then you are ready to research and learn about the companies you applied for.

Glassdoor provides helpful information about different companies

Glassdoor provides helpful information about different companies

1. Salaries and benefits to receive. Most people first look into the basic salary. This is normal. High salary does not mean a good company to work for. There is a possibility that career growth and the job you are doing are not that exciting and helpful for you as compared to a company with lower salary. For example, if we compare an auditing firm with an outsourcing company, auditing firm’s salary range is not that high as compared to an outsourcing company’s range. But in terms of career growth and work, auditing firm is advantageous than outsourcing company. And defining your goal will help you decide with this.

It is also important to know the benefits the company offers. This may include health care, meal allowance, clothing allowance, bonuses and others. If you are career-oriented, you should look for a company that offer scholarships for your future studies and certifications.

Now how will you know the salary and benefits of the company. Aside from the job offer itself, you may know it through the people you know who are working there, through forums online, and through websites dedicated to show salaries of different companies. See if you can search through Glassdoor and LinkedIn.

Financial performance of Procter and Gamble

Financial performance of Procter and Gamble

2. Current and future performance of the company. There are people who look in the brand and image of the company or the financials of the company. If you are particular for prestige and popularity, then you should look for company who are known to most people or people you know. Most of the time, popularity means good financial performance. So it is a positive thing. However, if you have an accounting background or have a friend with such background, it would not hurt you to look further in the financials of the company. A simple look of the revenue growth or net income growth might be a big help in your decision. If you see that a company you are applying for is continuously incurring losses and has a big debt, you might be in trouble.

Through the web, it is not that hard to search for the financial statements of different companies especially if they are publicly listed. In addition, try searching for analyst’s reports and news about the company. Through this, you will also learn about the non-financial standing of the company and its future plans.

3. Working environment. Knowing who you are and the working environment of the company are significant steps for your decision. For example, if you are comfortable working in a fast-paced environment and no problem working long hours, then an auditing firm might be fit for you. Since this is more subjective, it is a little hard to get a clear information but try searching for different forums and sites. Try your luck using Glassdoor as it shows posts of employees’ opinion about the company they are working for.

It is also important to know the working style and the personality of your manager. Try to ask him during your interview about these things if you are given the chance.

4. Personal growth. It is really important that you know if your career has a future in a company. People leave their job if they feel that they are not growing. Look through the web and forums if the company you are applying for provides various training and employees talking about their career growth in a company. If you find positive posts and articles, then it is good for you. If you were not able to search through the web, ask about the training, career advancement and promotion during your interview.


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