Things to Do and Enjoy in Ilocos

Are you a culture seeker, nature lover, foodie, or an adrenaline junkie? Or a combination of them? There’s a place for you called Ilocos. This is located in the northern part of the Philippines and you can get there from Manila by land for about 10-12 hours travel time or by air for about 1 hour travel time. Here are the activities to do and places to visit in Ilocos.

1. Calle Crisologo. This is a place lined with Spanish-era ancestral houses.

2. Churches. The Spanish influence can be greatly seen through the amazing churches in Ilocos.

3. La Paz Sand Dunes Adventures. If you are an adrenaline junkie, you should visit this place and try sandboarding and 4×4 trail ride. Don’t forget to bring sunscreen for skin protection.

4. Burnayan (Pottery-making). You can also watch the locals making pots in Ilocos Sur. And buy them if you want.

5. Beaches and waterfalls. Ilocos has beautiful beach spots and waterfalls for nature lovers.

6. Kapurpurawan Rock Formation. The white rock formations are not man-made but sculpted by oceanic and weather forces.

7. Museums. Ilocos is also great for those who are interested in studying and learning about a place’s history and culture.

8. Food. Ilocos is known for bagnet and longganisa. You will have a lot of choices to eat in Ilocos from cheap to costly restaurants depending on your budget.

There are a lot more places to visit and things to do in Ilocos. Whenever you plan on travelling there, I recommend you to stay there longer.

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9 responses to “Things to Do and Enjoy in Ilocos

  1. Oh sorry I posted 2 comments. I wasn’t sure the first one went through! Anyway, it works fine emphasizing my point haha


  2. Hi histravelandworkreporter ..
    It is so informed well to read your blog about visiting Ilocos
    I was informed by you in couchsurving

    Thank you ya..
    Anytime to visit my country just let me know


  3. Gotta include Ilocos in my itinerary next time I go to the Philippines, thanks to your encouragement. Been to Batac and Vigan, but not to Pagudpud. Beautiful place!


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