Puerto Princesa, Palawan: The Beginning

He has traveled Palawan with his family in 2011. This is his first vacation using a plane to get there. He stayed there for three days and two nights at a hotel in Puerto Princesa. The staffs in the hotel booked our tours for the whole vacation. Let me tell you, this is really far from being a backpacker. But still, this article might guide you when you plan to go to Palawan.

1. Hotel


Hotel’s bar located at the center of the rooms

They stayed at Puerto Pension throughout our vacation. The staffs are accommodating and courteous. He did not experience any problem staying in the hotel.

The place looks really native as the rooms are constructed mostly from woods. As far as Aljo remembers, the number of rooms is just around twenty rooms, making it easier to meet and to talk to new people. In their case, they met another family and they were together for all the tours.


Free breakfast at the hotel

Hotel’s free breakfast included bread, egg (a choice of whether fried or hardboiled), fruits, and vegetables. But he thinks that it was just normal and not enough for him to be full due to its small serving. So they ordered another meal to satisfy their breakfast. But the view from the restaurant in the morning with a hot coffee is very relaxing.

2. Underground River

One of the amazing rock formations

Puerto Princesa Underground River is a must-seen destination due to its beautiful stalagmite and stalactite formations. To get there, you need to ride a boat for 45-60 minutes that will take you to the island where the Underground River is. This amazing rock formation at the left will welcome you when you arrive at the island.

Being a well-known tourist destination, you may need to wait a while before your turn to ride the boat that will take you to the Underground River. From what he remembers, the boat will be inside the cave for around 15 minutes.

Here are some of the photos of the Underground River.

3. Honda Bay

They also tried the Honda Bay Island Tour where they went to different islands. Activities in the islands included swimming and snorkeling. Too bad he does not have a waterproof camera to show the amazing creatures and views under the sea but I heard its pretty amazing down there. Here are some of the photos of the Honda Bay Island Tour.

Aljo’s Palawan trip may be far from being a backpacker. But this is the beginning of reaching his goal to become a proud backpacker.


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