Surfing in Baler, Aurora

He went surfing for the first time with his friends in Baler, Aurora in November 2013. Going to Baler from Manila will take about 6-8 hours travel using a public bus.

1. Surfing. The surfing lesson rate is cheap amounting to PhP300 (USD7) per hour which includes includes personal instructor, rash guard rental, and surf board rental. You may need some upper body strength and great balancing skills to be able stand and surf.

2. 500-year Old Balete Tree. Other than surfing, they visited and climb a 500-year old balete tree. It only takes around 10-15 minutes to get to the tree from the beach through a tricycle. You should not miss climbing this tree cause it pretty awesome once you are on the top of the tree.

3. Hotel. They stayed at Bay’s Inn Hotel and he remembered that room rates (around PhP1,000 or USD22 per night for 3 persons) are affordable which includes free breakfast. The breakfast was good and their restaurant is a good place to chill.

4. Food. They ate at a place called “Rolling Stores” where a meal is just around PhP50 (USD1). A lot of locals and travellers eat at this place.


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