A backpacker’s friend


For tourists?

Since it is Aljo’s goal to proudly call himself a backpacker, let us define what a backpacker is. Researching through the web, backpackers have evolved throughout the period making it hard to find a single concrete definition for them. But I have listed the characteristics or activities of a backpacker after browsing and reading through different blogs and websites.

I will mark those things on the list that Aljo has already been doing to track his goal. You can also check if you are already or becoming a backpacker.

  1. Independent traveler

  2. Often in an foreign country

  3. Low-budget travelling

  4. Generally travelling for a longer period of time than other people

  5. Tend to travel in several countries during a time away

  6. Travelling light

  7. View travel as a way to see amazing new and different cultures than as a party or simply a short get away from the usual routines

  8. See the world as a home

  9. Takes pride in avoiding changing clothes or taking shower

  10. Eating where the locals normally eat

The list above is not exhaustive and is just a guide to gauge if you can call yourself a backpacker. If you have been doing majority of the list, I think it is safe to say that you are a backpacker. As for Aljo’s situation, he still has a long way to go. But he said he is committed to check all of what is in the list.


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