Things to Remember for Your First Job Interview

Most students send job applications to the companies before their graduation. Those who met the qualifications of the company they applied for will undergo a series of interview. For most of them, this will be their first job interview and this will set the standard of how their job interview performance improves as they go through different interviews. And I will share Aljo’s tips and experience about his first series of job interview when he applied for a multinational corporation.

1. Research about the company, the position, the interviewers, and the people who went to the same interview

Google as the most popular search engine

Google as the most popular search engine

Researching through the web is one of the things you learned in school so this should not be a daunting task. Having an understanding of the business of the company and the position that you’re applying for might give a good impression about you. There is a possibility that you will not be asked about these but a preparation might come in handy once you heard from the interviewer “What do you know about the company?.” Knowing about their products and TV commercials is good but knowing about the manufacturing process and the financial performance of the company is way better.

As you will be informed by someone from the human resource about the details of the interview, try to ask for the name of the interviewer(s). If they gave you, then its your turn to do some research work. In this case, you will have an idea of the work and character of the interviewer. Aljo did this before his first interview and found some of his interviewer’s analyst’s reports. As a result, he was able to gauge the level of professionalism and knowledge of the interviewer.

Due to the availability of information in the web, it is possible to search some blogs and articles of the people who went to the same interview. In fact, when Aljo did this, he was able to find the questions that might be asked during the interview in that specific company. Cheating? I don’t think so. Resourceful? Yes.

Now if you really want to work for that company, you may even contact the person who went to the same interview if you have the guts.

2. Recall and Practice. 

After doing some research, you need to recall your achievements and activities in school that might help you land the job. Then practice some answers to the possible questions you thought of. In Aljo’s case, some of the questions he researched was asked during the interview. But make sure you do not completely memorize your answer. Just list the things of your possible answers and they will pop out in your head during the interview.

It might be worth it to practice your handshake with a friend as this can create interviewer’s first impression about you.

3. Arrive early before the interview

Arrive 30 minutes before the interview

Arrive 30 minutes before the interview

You don’t want to be late on your first interview. It is advisable that you arrive 30 minutes before the interview. This will give you the chance to observe what is going on inside the office and allow you to relax and to be comfortable before your interview.

If there are magazines or books about the company, read them. It is possible that they are observing you and this is part of your evaluation.

4. Make eye contact

Making eye contact during the interview is one of the important things you should be doing. This exhibits sincerity and truthfulness to the interviewer. How will you feel if someone you are talking to does not look at you? Terrible right?

Since Aljo’s first series of interview included a panel interview. He made sure that he is communicating to each interviewers at once.

5. Ask questions

Most likely, you will be given the chance to ask questions. Try to form some questions right before the interview that will show your interest to the company. You can ask about the working environment of the company or how do someone get promoted. You can also ask about the corporate social responsibility programs and other activities of the company you can join if ever you become an employee.

6. Discover at least one common thing about you and your interviewer

Both of you might be surfing

Both of you might be surfing

This is one of Aljo’s measurement whether he did a good job in an interview. Talking about a thing, other than the interview stuffs, that you have in common shows how well you can communicate and shows your character. More importantly, there is a chance the interviewer will like you for sharing that common thing.

Aljo remembered in his first panel interview that they even talked about his town’s festival and the interviewers going to that festival.

Although Aljo did not accept the job offer of the company where he experienced his first series of job interview, he learned a lot from it. And I hope this article helped you in some ways.


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