A Short Trip to Davao

Aljo had a weekend trip with his friends to Davao last August 2012. They visited their friend’s family, eat, drink and travel around Davao. Here are the things he remembered about this trip.

1. Hotel

They stayed at Sampaguita Tourist Inn for just one night. This is recommended for backpackers due to its very low cost accommodation of around PhP200 (around USD4) per person per night. But do not expect excellent service for that amount. At least they received additional towels when they requested for it.

2. Food

Jack’s Ridge Restaurant. They ate at Jack Ridge’s main restaurant called Taklobo Restaurant. The place is very relaxing since you will have an overlooking view of Davao City. They ordered grilled tuna, sinigang and shrimp. He thinks that the food is normal and the service is slow.

Mandarin Tea Garden Restaurant. Located in Davao malls is this cheap but very good Chinese restaurant. This restaurant is recommended for those who are on a budget but like to have a taste of Chinese food. Do not miss their siomai!

Taps Busog-Pinoy. If you want affordable and delicious breakfast, Taps is right for you. With a wide variety of food choices, the price per meal is just around PhP50-100 (USD1-2). Plus, he observed more locals eating in this place.

3. Nightlife.

There are variety of bars to choose from around the city. He spent the night with friends of his friend’s brother. He has experienced how people from Davao spend their night on a weekend. What he noticed is that people drink in one bar for about an hour or so and hop into another bar to drink again. There are lots of people in the lively streets where the bars are. Overall, it was a good night.

The time they have stayed in Davao may be limited but the experience is not. I hope you learned something from this article to guide you a little when you visit Davao.


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