Things about Boracay

He has been to Boracay twice last August 2013 and 2012 with his friends to celebrate his birthday. This is their annual thing. Too bad August is a rainy season in the Philippines and there is a possibility for delayed flights. But this is the season when Boracay is not that crowded as compared to summer season. If you are planning to see Boracay, here are the things that might guide you.

Getting free shots from the DJ

Getting free shots from the DJ

1. Where to party. Boracay is a great place for partying since it has lots of bars and clubs. In 2012, they decided to visit different clubs from Club Paraw to Epic to Club Summer Place and other bars. For them, Summer Place is the best or at least their crowd. They did not even have to look for other clubs when they went back in 2013. They had the chance to be in the DJ booth. Comparing to their visit last 2012, men have to pay now for PhP150-200 (USD3-4) to enter. Do not miss the fun!

2. Your hotel should not be that far from the beach. They stayed at Eriko’s House both in August 2013 and 2012. They do not plan on changing where they are going to stay when they come back. The place is affordable, clean and really close to the beach. Plus, it is also close to Summer Place. The rate is more or less PhP400 (USD8) per person per night. They did not stay that much in the hotel over the trip so why pay more. Choose a hotel that is just a 5-minute walk from bars, restaurants, and beach.

My friends riding the ATV

My friends riding the ATV

3. Activities to do. Aside from partying, there are lots of land and water activities to choose from. There will be a lot of people that will offer you different activities while you are walking around different restaurants and stores. If you really want to do activities, do not be afraid to haggle over the price.

A must-do activity in Boracay is the Ariel’s Point cliff diving based on different reviews. Unfortunately, they have not yet done this activity because of the bad weather during August. So make sure you go on summer when planning on going to the Ariel’s Point. For around PhP2,000 (USD44) per person, you will have a boat ride to bring you to the place, buffet lunch, unlimited drinks, free snorkeling and swimming, and cliff diving with five levels. See this clip.

4. Where to eat. There are variety of restaurants to choose from depending on your budget. Buffets are around PhP300-500 (USD6-11) while fastfood meals are around PhP50-100 (USD1-2). If you’re on a budget like them, go for Andok’s or Mang Inasal. Do not forget to try Jonah’s fruit shake.

5. Enjoy the white sand beaches. This is probably the main reason why you want to go to Boracay.

A view of the beach

A view of the beach


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